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cGMP Facility Planning Services

Discover and satisfy the essence of your advanced facility needs. 


​Owners and end-users of life science manufacturing processes have unique and complex needs not well understood by professional architects, engineers, and contractors. Before engaging these parties, you need planning expertise that understands and prioritizes YOUR unique manufacturing needs. 


Discover, develop & document your critical requirements.

Working with Spreadsheets

User Requirement Brief

Confirm your business drivers and communicate critical requirements in a detailed written tabular format.

Architect Engineer Design Working on Blueprint Planning Concept. Construction Concept.jpg

General Arrangement
("test fit" layout)

Graphic plan communicating your overall facility vision and process drivers.

Concept architects, engineer holding pen pointing equipment architects On the desk with a

Critical Scope Overlays

Graphic overlays communicating facility-level critical scope and performance criteria.


Identify, compare & engage various delivery methods and providers.

Businessman thumb login with fingerprint scanning technology. fingerprint to identify pers


Discover the design and delivery methods best suited to satisfy your need.

Alternative technology concept . Hands holding LED Bulb and Fluorescent bulb comparing in


Find and compare qualified design, fabrication and construction providers for your chosen delivery method.



Connect with preferred providers to propose and deliver your critical environment.


Interactive services customized to your unique needs.


Introductory Consultation

Share your critical goals and objectives in a virtual interface, free of charge.

Wooden Chess Pieces

Strategic Planning Workshop

Identify options for achieving strategic business objectives within a collaborative face to face environment.

Red Calculator

Feasibility Study 

Evaluate options for achieving strategic business objectives by review of existing documentation and/or conditions. Business case validation and justification.

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